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Primacandle | The most interesting and creative candles you’ll EVER see

These are by far the most creative and interesting candles I’ve ever seen. Primacandle, owned and operated by Natalia Burikov of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel is all about imagination taking on a completely original form every time.

The first step is to dip the cast of hard paraffin into liquid colorful paraffin. It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the liquid paraffin during the dipping. In case the paraffin will not be hot enough, it will harden too fast and it will not be possible to carve it.

Primacandle IVYBetty Carved

The second step is the actual carving. This is the most creative and fascinating part of the candle preparation – the step of interpretation of the artist’s fantasy and imagination into the reality. For the purpose of carving special tools are used. The artist needs to decide upon the design in advance, in order for his motions to be quick and exact, since one has only a quarter an hour before the candle cools down and hardens.

Primacandle IVYBetty Candle Carved

The third and the last step is to dip the carved candle into a special acrylic lacquer in order to create shine and to protect the prepared candle from the outer cold and hot damages, as well as from the dust accumulation.

Primacandle Candle Carved IVYBetty


Prices range from $34 for the large candles down to $12 for the smaller ones, so there’s definitely something for everyone. These are excellent original pieces of artwork to have for yourself or to give as a gift!

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