What Is a Fire Watch?

Fire Watch Services is provided by various organizations. There are many companies which offer fire watch services. Companies offering fire watch services include fire departments, town halls, fire prevention organizations and volunteer organizations. A fire watch guard is a member of an organization that offers this service.
People in a locality or in a town are mostly called upon to go on a day long fire watch to help prevent fire from spreading to other houses. The members of the organizations get assured of safety while they remain out on a 24 hour period. These members get secured with apparatus that help them keep away from danger. Such devices include fire trucks, fire hose reels, fire blankets, fire detectors, fire extinguishers and so forth. These apparatus are put up in the area where the members of the fire watch guard companies are assigned to monitor the situation.

Fire Watch Services is a great way to educate people about fire prevention. A person who has gone on a fire watch is more likely to understand how to stay away from danger. They are also trained to spot any fire start up. In addition to that, they are trained to deal with situations which can help them deal with fire such as putting out smoldering fires, putting out hot fires, extinguishing flames which have already started etc.

The members of a fire watch company are usually members of a voluntary organization. Usually a fire watch is organized for a specific purpose, whether it is an event prevention day, a health and safety holiday, a Christmas parade or any other occasion. Fire departments or volunteer groups sponsor the events. Fire watch services are offered by some voluntary organizations. People who get trained as fire watch guards are then called upon by the concerned organizations to man their stations.

Members of a volunteer fire watch service are trained and certified in fire safety. Fire watch services can be called for in the case of emergencies only. People who volunteer for these services are made redundant once their contract period is over. People who volunteer for fire watch services do not need to continue with their training. Once the contract period is over, the person can discontinue his training and go back to the fire station.

There are various advantages and disadvantages associated with fire watch services. A person who is having his/ her training for some other reason cannot benefit from fire watch training. People who live in remote areas, in rural or remote areas are not usually included in the list of people who can benefit from this service. Since there are no trained professionals to dispense fire safety instructions, there could be problems arising due to misreading or misapprehension on what is needed to do in case of a fire. Fire watch services also do not guarantee that fire accidents will never happen, as people who volunteer to help in the case of an accident may be able to spot the signs of an accident beforehand.

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