A Guide For Business Owners Considering Fire Watch Guards

Fire watch services are vital on-site protection services offered by specially qualified personnel. Services usually consist of: Patrolling | fire | personnel | facility} Regular patrols during shift hours that cover the entire facility 24 hours a day and all year long. As the name implies, a patrol is when personnel are deployed to watch for signs of fire. If any such activity is noticed, they are dispatched to the location. On some installations, a fire truck is stationed near the main entrance. When the fire truck is alerted, personnel from the fire department are dispatched to the scene.

Fire Watch Guards perform regular off-shift patrols at scheduled times and days. Off-shift patrol work will normally last from fifteen minutes to an hour. The guard will normally cover several floors, depending on the size of the facility. Many security services employ only on-site guards, so as to provide on-site fire protection whenever major renovations or building openings are taking place.
Most often, fire watch patrols are utilized by apartment complex or retail shopping facility security guards. Occasionally, these guards are employed by government agencies, including corrections, immigration and border control, and other law enforcement agencies. These positions usually require at least a six-month contract. Many private firms also hire contract personnel for guard duty. Some of these companies hire several individuals to perform different guard duties, as part of a comprehensive guard staff.
To be more effective, fire watch guards should be trained in emergency response tactics. They must know how to use firefighting equipment and know how to stop fires in progress. For instance, a guard should know the best way to extinguish a fire by using an extinguisher and fire hose to protect people and pets from the flames. In addition, they should have a plan for securing the fire exit in case of an emergency evacuation.
When hiring fire watch guards, business owners should request that their applicants undergo background checks. Applicants should also undergo drug and alcohol screenings. As some businesses have strict policies prohibiting employees with past felonies and substance abuse issues from working at their establishment, it is important for business owners to know whether or not their potential hires have any history of criminal activities. Business owners should also ask for references from previous employees if possible. If an applicant is found to have falsified credentials, it is best that the business owner not hire that person as a guard.

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