CHOR BOOGIE | Honestly, I am one of the truths behind this culture and I’ll do my best to spread the seed.

CHOR BOOGIE | Honestly, I am one of the truths behind this culture and I’ll do my best to spread the seed.

Street art has a special place in my heart. It’s such a driving factor in urban culture, but it often carries a certain stigma of inferiority with it in comparison to other forms of great art. That’s why I’m so glad there’s artists like CHOR BOOGIE. Bold as graffiti, but provocative as any piece hanging on a gallery wall- Sir Boogie blurs the lines, drops the genre, and just makes art… ALL AROUND THE GLOBE. His Berlin wall piece sold for 500,000 euro! The 2008 Olympics in China… MURAL! Hugh Hefner and Jay-Z portraits, REQUESTED! Google… OFFICE! We’re talking to a cultural icon whose put the work in, kids are now literally learning about him in their textbooks- but you, you get it firsthand right here. IVYbetty, meet CHOR BOOGIE.

You’re one artist that’s definitely pushing the perception of street art and the culture that surrounds it into something more grand. It’s fine art delivered in the unorthodox environment. The desire to be original fueled your beginnings, but at this point in your career do you consciously carry the responsibility of progressing the culture as well?

I think we all do simply because its our civic duty; but not all of us know the truths and understandings about our culture. They have been steered into a direction of what they thought where truths, so they spread those misunderstandings themselves.

In a nutshell, color therapy is the fact of you the individual and a belief system. It’s up to you as the individual to believe in colors and their many healing attributes they bless this Earth with. There are many different art forms that the world provides for us, so any and everything is color therapy. I believe that’s why we are surrounded by colors everyday.

One of the hardest things to do for many creative people is balance their artistry with good business. What have you learned about business and the balance of it all since you were that 17 year old kid taking his first mural gig?

WOW.. I have learned so much from then till now, and I’m still learning, but honestly I’ve built up my business in this art game to the point where I have a manager/agent that takes care of all that stuff for me. I still have to drive the ship even though I have a co-pilot. Just understand this, there are negatives and positives, basically a balancing act when it comes to business. You just gotta work with both sides, whether you like it or not, hate it or love it..  Key word adapt to what makes you feel right…

There’s a lot of musical influence in your work. What’s in rotation on the iPod right now?

I’m bumping that new JAY-Z for the moment..but you know EL-P Masai Bey- Heems.. def jukietunes…but a little bit of everything mainly hip hop…some rap… some punk …you know ..just dope music.

You’re sitting on a two decade career that consists of limited edition products in your honor as well as curriculum textbooks hosting your work. For anyone pursuing their passion as their livelihood, what is longevity made of?

Love, hate, strength, patience, tolerance, abundance, genuine spiritual love, gratitude is attitude, honesty,willingness, humbleness, health, wealth, wisdom, knowledge, trust, truth, faith, balance, peace

Don’t get me wrong there are some negative actions involved, but no one is perfect. So counteract that vibe by giving back. This is what helps me with my longevity, so I’m comfortable.

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