Immediate to do things after a shft

Being in a shft, there are things that you have to do immediately after it is over so that you ensure everything is well. You need to have a shtf plan:
Need to communicate the whereabouts with family
If you are away from home during a shft or you are separated from a group member or family, you will need to take some few steps in communicating your whereabouts to all of them. If your mobile phone is still working, then there is a need for you to send messages that will get through and will ensure that the other party receives it faster as compared to having to do a voicemail.
In case your get home bag has a mobile radio and your family members have the same radios, you can utilize it to make sure that you remain in communication while making your way home or the location which you have agreed on.
Get information
Once you are able to communicate where you are to friends and family members, you will require to gather several details as well as facts about the situation which you are in. With your get home bag containing a NOAA or a handheld radio, it will be possible for you to turn on to be able to monitor any extra information.
You can as well take some few minutes in observing the area which is around where you are and eavesdropping on conversations as you head home to try determining how severe the situation might be.
• How severe is the danger appearing to be
• What is the weather or sky look like
• Is there any gunfire? Is it possible to hear the sounds still of traffic such as horns, engines, sirens
• What can you hear?

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