Numa Perrier | I have so much more compassion for myself and insight about the life cycle. It’s beautiful.

Numa Perrier | I have so much more compassion for myself and insight about the life cycle. It’s beautiful.

How much of your life is made from your relationships? Would you be where you are right now without the ones you currently have? It’s amazing to look at all the puzzles of people in your life and know they all mean something in one way or another. That’s why this dialogue with one of my new favorite artists, Numa Perrier was so important to me.

This woman’s entrepreneurial artwork spreads from fashionable gloves that have been worn by the likes of Rihanna and more- to acting, writing and production for her own independent, award winning web network Black&SexyTV. I must be careful not to exclude her interactive art exhibitions, curatorial practice and outspoken nature on propelling others to express themselves creatively as well. She comes from an intriguing background of adoption that I cannot do justice in description, but I will say this- Numa Perrier’s insight on life, and relationships especially, is a key to her artistic prowess, and it’s an honor that she’d share in such transparency as she has. IVYbetty please enjoy, Numa Perrier!

AI- Having seen a similar background as yours firsthand in my own life, you’re someone I’d feel comfortable saying values relationships in a uniquely intense way. Share your insight on the gravity of relationships.

NP- I used to have these strong feelings when I would become close to someone – these strong feelings of fear that they would die.  This came from losing so many people close to me at a young age – my brother when I was 8 and he was 10, another brother when I was 11, my adoptive father when I was 15, my adoptive mother when I was 19, also some friends over the years. Being adopted also left me with a constant sense of isolation which can make relationships or relating to people difficult.  At the same time I long for close relationships and intimacy, and I do have this in my life now, but it took a long time to navigate all of that emotionally.

Conflict is natural to every relationship.  I especially love the way Dude and Chick handle their conflicts in The Couple, and notice the definite difference in how its handled between the Roomieloverfriends. What have you learned about conflict from your involvement in the two opposites?

You’re outspoken on helping others to realize their vision, so let’s open the floor. Besides the obvious benefits of crowdfunding, how can that process transform a project/ venture?

Crowdfunding – especially on high profile platforms like Kickstarter is great PR for your project when used correctly.  While you raise the money you build community- a community that will go the distance with you.  They prove this by giving you their hard earned cash and it’s up to you to be good to them and create a foundation for them to support any of your future endeavors as well.

“It was people like: PRINCE, JANET JACKSON, TRACY CHAPMAN, PEGGY COOPER CAFRITZ, MS. WINFREY, MAGIC JOHNSON AND MICHAEL JORDAN who STOOD UP, came to our rescue so you could see the MALCOLM X on screen we envisioned. I daresay without that PRE-KICKSTARTER approach Denzel’s epic performance in it’s entirety would not have seen the light of day”
-Spike Lee

I just recently started working with Spike on a personal level.  The man does not waste time.  Not in his speech, not in anything.  I definitely am taking a page from that.  Sleep less.  Get up.  Wake up.  Get it done.  Get your team together.  Lead them well.  Accomplish.

I’ve saved this question for over a year for the right artist! My belief is that there’s art anywhere there’s passion; one focal area of this is the art of parenting. It’s an ongoing process of creation that challenges our comfort zones and constantly requires adjustments and adaptations to our approach as our children pass through phases of development at NASCAR speeds. Since becoming a mother, how has your IVY- your Insight, Vision, and Youth grown?

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